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North American Starcraft 2 Pro Player Rant

March 2nd, 2012 - 12:13 am | No Comments | eSports, Rant

I chose not to use a North American player for the header of this rant because it would make the post seem like a targeted attack at specific players, it’s not. I think one of the main problems within the North American e-Sports scene is that we artificially boost ‘legendary’ players and then they just seem stay there no matter how terrible their play gets compared to the current baseline. It’s a simple fact is that e-Sports needs new blood to evolve new, more complex play tactics.

We hurt everyone involved by churning out “filler” matches that no one wants to watch (because the players involved aren’t motivated to maintain their peak performance), we waste our viewers time and thus it’s only a matter a time that they get sick of it entirely and start looking for content elsewhere.

It’s time to fess up and tell those that never seem to improve:

“Sorry, just because you had it big back in the day – doesn’t mean you’re worth sh*t today as a player, evolve or die.”

Players that just don’t have that true motivation and dedication should be honest with themselves and their fans by transitioning into other roles or just retire outright.

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